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(4.0 stars)

based on 9 reviews

A movement and trend recognition software delivers potential early entry and exit signals. It uses a red and yellow arrow that point in the direction of the next potential move in the market.

Forex Killer

(2.6 stars)

based on 12 reviews

Forex Software


(3.3 stars)

based on 8 reviews

Autochartist scans through thousands of financial instruments and automatically identifies chart patterns including Head and- Shoulders, Wedges, Triangles, Rectangles and Channels. The software ana...

Forex Smart Tools

(5.0 stars)

based on 5 reviews

Money Management Software


(3.7 stars)

based on 3 reviews

A Forex trading platform that connects users to ECN environment.

DashBoard FX Pro

(3.0 stars)

based on 2 reviews

A realt-time forex signals and visual market analysis software. DashBoard FX Pro features real-time signals with precise Entry, Target and Stop loss points for 20 of the most widely traded currency...

Broker Nightmare

(3.0 stars)

based on 2 reviews

Suite of tools to protect against broker manipulations such as stop hunting and trade erasing. Also tools for trade management (in the form of Expert Advisors)

Forex Tester

(4.0 stars)

based on 1 reviews

Forex Tester is a software simulator of the forex market. The program contains drawing tools that allow you to test trading strategies based on technical analysis. It provides popular technical st...

AbleTrend 7.0

(5.0 stars)

based on 1 reviews

AbleTrend 7.0 is a proprietary trading software package, which contains four indicators and one mechanical trading system: AbleTrend1, AbleTrend2, AbleTrend3, AbleTrendSig indicators and AbleTrendT...


(1.0 stars)

based on 1 reviews

Expert advisor.