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MetaTrader 4

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Easy to use, Many indicators, Easy to edit auto trade programs, Web-based, Customizable layout, Ability to customize indicators, Large user base
Few data feeds, No automated backtesting


This charting program is specifically made for anyone trading the Forex, CFD, and Futures markets. Used by over 100 brokerage companies and banks, this is one of the most widely used charting packages around. Some of its appeal is its ability to customize and program systems, which then allows users to create indicators, system backtests, as well as automated trading robots.

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Intermediate Trader

Dont like it


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Easy to use, Many indicators, Customizable layout, Ability to customize indicators, Large user base
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No, I would not recommend this to a friend
I hate using fibonacci and trend lines in MT4. It's not possible to move the view of the graph to where you want it. You can only go left or right, not up or down. Trend lines are hard to put exactly where you want it to be too. It's a shame I really like MT4 otherwise but these negatives are too much for me.
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