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MetaTrader 4

(4.1 stars)

based on 28 reviews

This charting program is specifically made for anyone trading the Forex, CFD, and Futures markets. Used by over 100 brokerage companies and banks, this is one of the most widely used charting pa...


(4.5 stars)

based on 12 reviews

Robust charting platform with a wide range of indicators.


(4.7 stars)

based on 3 reviews

ProRealTime is a paid charting package that offers free demos with end of the day data. Some features include setting alerts and backtests.


(4.5 stars)

based on 10 reviews

ECN broker with very low spreads. We offer metatrader, webtrader and mobile trading.

XTick Extreme for Mac OS X

(5.0 stars)

based on 1 reviews

Charting software for Mac OS X.


(4.4 stars)

based on 10 reviews

Tradestation is a powerful charting package that offers a lot of historical data. Traders often use it for its extensive backtesting capabilities.


(4.5 stars)

based on 10 reviews

Xtick is a basic charting program with simple, yet functional features. It contains almost all of the basic indicators you will need and offers unique items such as Xpaint, which allows you to col...

Market Scope

(4.5 stars)

based on 4 reviews

Market Scope is one of several charting packages offered by FXCM and is recommended for the beginner level trader. It boasts a unique feature of being able to eliminate the need to toggle between t...

FX AccuCharts 7.0

(4.1 stars)

based on 9 reviews

AccuCharts 7.0 is provided by FX Solutions, an FX broker, and offers features such as: 150 indicators/oscillator variations, direct trading from the charts, alert setting, graphical plots of open p...


(4.2 stars)

based on 5 reviews

ChartStation is the advanced version of Netdania. This version offers 13 time frames and 21 indicators, while also allowing the user to save his/her work.