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Currency Trading for Dummies

(4.4 stars)

based on 15 reviews

This nuts-and-bolts guide gives you a step-by-step action plan for understanding and trading the forex market. It offers practical guidance and savvy tips in everything from comprehending currency ...

Adventures of a Currency Trader: A Fable about Trading, Courage, and Doing the Right Thing

(4.5 stars)

based on 23 reviews

Forex book written by Rob Booker.

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

(4.0 stars)

based on 4 reviews

For both beginners and experienced traders, this work describes the concepts of technical analysis and their applications. Murphy interprets the role of the technical forecasters and explains how t...

Trading in the Zone : Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude

(3.9 stars)

based on 18 reviews

Forex Book written by Mark Douglas

Day Trading & Swing Trading the Currency Market

(5.0 stars)

based on 6 reviews

Written for both the new and experienced trader, this guide discusses the essential elements of the currency market and reveals the latest trends, data, and strategies that all day and swing trader...

The Secrets of Economic Indicators

(4.7 stars)

based on 7 reviews

The Secrets of Economic Indicators: Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment Opportunities

Profiting with Forex

(4.1 stars)

based on 10 reviews

Forex Book

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

(4.9 stars)

based on 8 reviews

Timeless account of a stock trader from the early 1900s.

The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes

(4.9 stars)

based on 8 reviews

by Mark Douglas

The New Market Wizards

(4.4 stars)

based on 11 reviews

Conversations with America's Top Traders. Sequel to the best-selling Market Wizards, this book taps into the minds of top financial wizards and reveals the secrets of their astonishing success.