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Dear Lucky Person,

Your money has been spared with the help of My name is Sir Scam-A-Lot, I am a knight from the Knights of the Crooked Table from the far away kingdom of Scamelot. Unlike knights from more rounder tables who help the weak or rob from the rich and give to the poor. I prey on the weak and rob from the rich and the poor and give to me, myself, and I.

Fortunately for you, but unfortunately for me, I was captured by the FX-Men of They hate my "kind" and are on a mission to protect as many innocent forex traders as possible. The FX-Men wished to pound me to a kiwi using only a cable, but in my loonie desperation, I pleaded for my life and told them I would do anything if they spared me.

So in exchange for my life, I was forced to build save you from people like me. Tragically (for you), there are many like me that have not been destroyed by the FX-Men, so a site like this is badly needed. While there are many high-quality forex products and services available (eww!), there seems to be just as many that are worthless and even some which are my personal favorites...scams!

So if I want to continue to live, I have to maintain this site forever as a service to the public forex community. While I can't help prevent you lose money from trading (that's what is for), I can help prevent you from losing money from buying forex foolery.

As much as I would like to end this letter by taking your money right now, I will instead give you a final piece of advice: Use your head. If something sounds too good to be true. It is. Don't be a sucker. Look it up on first.

Watch your wallet,

Sir Scam-A-Lot